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Legendary Amsterdam venue meets acoustic challenge with Martin line array

test 8 January 2008

NETHERLANDS: Having had a long history of utilising Martin Audio Wavefront 8 equipment, Amsterdam music venue the Melkweg (Milky Way) has now upgraded to the company’s W8LM line array in its main MAX Room after a lengthy period of research aimed at devising a specification able to cope with the facility’s recently altered acoustics, writes David Davies.

The commissioning of the system followed a substantial renovation programme earlier this year that involved removing the back wall and extending the depth of the room by 10 metres. Increasing the stage depth to 6m and repositioning it under a ceiling – itself now increased to 5m in height to accommodate a lighting bridge – had a significant effect on the acoustic.

TM Audio project manager Jaap Pronk worked with renowned sound engineer and system designer Hugo Scholten to put together a specification that entailed six Martin Audio WMX subs (used in conjunction with three MA4.8 amplifiers) being flown from each side of the stage, alongside ten W8LM clusters. A W8LMD is situated at the bottom of each array to give a 140-degree spread, while the mounting of the W8LM/LMD arrays on a track enables them to be re-angled and retracted when the adjustable stage is used in its smaller configuration. Martin Audio’s DISPLAY and ViewPoint software was used during system set-up.

A new cabling infrastructure – designed by TM Audio and Engine (sister company of Ampco/Flashlight Group), and including stage, monitor and system EQ patching – has also been put into the MAX Room.
“This method of installing and commissioning a system to meet the wishes of both the client and visiting acts is the best way of ensuring maximum performance,” said Jaap Pronk. “Allowing the venue to have Hugo (Scholten) on site for a week was instrumental in us winning the contract. Now sound engineers can achieve the same levels everywhere in the room.”


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