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Lawo showcases new DAW plug-in integration technique at AES 07

test 8 May 2007

VIENNA: A new technology devised by Lawo is said to enable the complete integration of DAW plug-ins for its large format digital audio mixing consoles. The new technique was showcased via demonstrations on the Lawo stand throughout the 122nd AES Convention, writes David Davies.

According to the company, the new technology facilitates the first complete integration of plug-ins with the mc²90 and mc²66 consoles. The result, says Lawo, is the merging of “the distinct worlds of mixing consoles and DAWs”.

The Lawo-developed technology – with very low latency and based on a Windows PC – is controlled by the mixing console. The Lawo Plugin Host (LPH) assigns the tielines required for the triggered plug-ins to the mc² HD Core which, in turn, establishes the required plug-in channels. The audio tielines appear automatically on the GUI matrix screen, and the mixing console imports the plug-in parameters in the same way as console-based EQ or dynamics parameters are assigned. The console is aware of all the plug-in’s parameter settings, which can be stored in snapshots or automation mixes.

The latter feature, says Lawo, highlights the greatest benefit to the user: plug-in parameters that can be recalled together with all the console’s normal audio settings, either statically using snapshots, or dynamically with the automation data.

“This Lawo innovation is a revolutionary step indeed: it is a real integration of DAW plugins in our mixing consoles and not just a remote control via MIDI,” says Lawo’s Wolfgang Huber. “This way the sound engineers work at the mc²66 and the mc²90 using plug-ins just like mixing console functions. Plug-in parameters can be stored and recalled together with all the console’s normal audio settings.”

Meanwhile, Saturday at AES saw product manager Felix Krueckels (pictured here with the Lawo plug-ins) present a session on the topic ‘The Integration of Workstation Audio Tools in Modern Live Broadcast Situation’.

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