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Lake updates Controller software

David Davies 30 November 2010
Lake updates Controller software

The latest version, v5.6, features several developments to both the Lake Controller software and included firmware for the LM 26 Digital Audio Loudspeaker Processor and Lab.gruppen PLM Series Powered Loudspeaker Management products.

Benefits of the new update include the provision of Bridge Mode configuration on all PLM Series models (PLM 10000Q, PLM 140000 and PLM 20000Q), allowing the user to bridge two channels together and achieve a larger output voltage swing. This is useful for particularly demanding applications such as high power handling subwoofers or large format line array elements where the LF is driven by a bridged channel (with the mids and highs driven by the other two channels on a single unit in the case of the PLM 10000Q and PLM 20000Q).

Several network speed and robustness improvements have also been implemented, including switching communication protocols from UDP Broadcast to UDP Unicast, thereby reducing network traffic. This improves performance when using Lake Controller over Wi-Fi access and in multiple controller applications.

Other improvements with this latest update include provision of current draw and thermal dissipation data for the PLM 20000Q, enhanced fault and warning indications, and improved robustness to the PSU of the new flagship PLM. Third party protocol v2.1 is also released as part of this latest version, supporting the PLM Series and LM 26. A Crestron module is now available for PLM Series with one supporting LM 26 coming soon.

Lake Controller software v5.6 is available to download now via the website:

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