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Lab.gruppen initiates training sessions to support PLM touring range

test 22 January 2008

WORLD: Following the introduction of the PLM 10000Q – the first model in its new Powered Loudspeaker Management touring range – at PLASA 2007, Lab.gruppen recently held four major training events for its distribution network in support of the new product series. Meanwhile, Michael J. Christensen – the manufacturer’s vice-president of sales & marketing – reports that PLM sales to this point have “surpassed all expectations”, writes David Davies.

Topics covered during the day-long sessions in Sweden (at the Lab.gruppen’s Kungsbacka facility), Italy, Macau and Los Angeles included a basic grounding in Dolby Lake processing, practical system design using racks of PLMs, the creation of LoadLibrary fingerprints utilising LoadEd software, and the role of LoadSmart and SpeakerSafe in verifying and monitoring loudspeaker performance. Certificates of Competence were distributed at the end of each session.

Local PLM training events are now planned for other countries in the near-future as the products start to reach individual markets. According to Lab.gruppen, these sessions will focus more on “end-users’ needs and comprehension”.

The initiative consolidates what is said to have been a strong start for the PLM series. “The initial sales and market acceptance of the PLM 10000Q have demonstrated the phenomenal success of this new Powered Loudspeaker Management System,” Michael J. Christensen tells PSN-e. “In fact, PLM sales have so far surpassed all expectations. With the PLM Certification of all our worldwide distributors we can ensure that our current and future users experience the highest level of support and service. In this way, our entire organisation is dedicated to continuing the success of PLM 10000Q which, yet again, has provided the world with a new way of doing business in the touring market.”

Guy Lewis, MD of Lab.gruppen’s UK distributor, Audioforce, is equally emphatic. “The response to the PLM concept since PLASA has been spectacular,” he says. “Rental companies, installers and loudspeaker manufacturers have been in touch about what the LoadLibrary ‘fingerprint’ can do to help them. There is a real buzz around the Lab.gruppen/Dolby Lake cooperation here in the UK.”

Lewis adds that Audioforce will also be contributing to the PLM training programme. The company will, he says, “be taking the Kungsbacka blueprint for PLM training and holding similar days in the near-future for both users and those who are purely interested in seeing just what this astounding technology can achieve.”

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