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L-Acoustics holds dominion in North London

Dave Robinson 25 May 2010
L-Acoustics holds dominion in North London

Stuart Down, UK sales manager for L-Acoustics, recently led two days of demonstrations and client meets at Dominion Centre in Wood Green, North London, writes Dave Robinson. With sessions alternating between installation and touring needs, Down (pictured) guided invited users from all over the UK through products current and forthcoming, as well as giving an overview of L-Acoustics’ history and philosophy.

During the event, Down revealed that 400 Network rental companies worldwide are now L-Acoustics users. Other numbers associated with that impressive statistic are 3,000 qualified technicians and 20,000 WST (proprietary Wavefront Sculpture Technology) enclosures. He also reiterated the mission statement: ‘Consistency across the range and across the systems’.

"We want to give more awareness to people and be more interactive with clients," Down told PSN-e following the touring demo session. "So rather than just attending a trade show, we want to bring people to a space where we have products installed as well as additional products, and really give them a chance to listen in a real-world environment – and get to know the thinking behind why we do what we do."

The venue was ideal for the purpose: the house of worship, a former art deco cinema, was installed with a range of L-Acoustics kit some nine months ago. There is a KUDO system flown upstairs, KIVA downstairs (the modular line source system), and historical co-axial boxes in delay positions.

"The SB118s we have tuned to an infrasonic mode, because with the KUDO running with the new 25Hz preset there’s plenty of energy in the building as it is," says Down. "It gives us a great space to really show off all the products, let people experience what it’s about."

During the demo some time was focused on the forthcoming KARA enclosure, which will ship in September/October.

"I think KARA is going to be a very strong product. We’re seeing a lot of interest from corporate hire companies, through to touring rental companies, and also from the installation market – [churches] predominantly." L-Acoustics plans an installation version of KARA in Q4 2010, says Down.

"KARA is a similar size product to what dV-DOSC was, but has been designed to run as a three-way system, with the new SB18 for reinforced contour, whereas dV was a four-way system."

Does that mean dV-DOSC will be discontinued? "We will continue to produce dV-DOSC as demand requires; naturally, I think we will see the demand for dV-DOSC drop when KARA comes out due its similar size and price point."

Subsequent to PSN-e’s interview, L-Acoustics announced the launch of its KARA/SB18 Pilot Programme with selected members of its Rental Network, including (in the UK) SFL and Plus 4 Audio.

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