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L-Acoustics flying high at the Paris Air Show

test 31 July 2007

FRANCE: The 47th International Paris Air Show took place recently at Le Bourget airfield, making use of an extensive L-Acoustics KUDO system to cover a 270m (W) by 78m (D) area used by the general public, reports PSN-e.

The system was provided by Gandois, which has long handled telecommunications and sound reinforcement at the Paris Air Show. And, following the pattern of at least the last ten years, specific aspects of the event’s sound reinforcement requirements were overseen in partnership with sound company DSE.

“The goal was to cover the general public area with a sound system which could not be visually obtrusive and [had to] demonstrate a long-throw capacity,” noted DSE’s Serge Weber. “The priority was clearly given to the air show flying displays, and a traditional placement of the PA system from the front (taxiways and runway/flying display side) was not an option.”

Utilising L-Acoustics’ SOUNDVISION acoustic software to determine the system configuration, the sound team arrived at a specification featuring a main alignment of six Maxi Towers of six KUDO elements each, with an ancillary cluster of 12 KUDO elements located a little further away in the Airbus A380 taxiing area.

The requirement for a total of 48 enclosures led to the sourcing of equipment from France-based companies ADH and Champagne Audiovisuel, and Netherlands-based Rider.

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