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KV2 Audio explores The Caves

test 1 July 2008

UK: A new Edinburgh venue named The Caves has been installed with a KV2 Audio ES system, writes PSN-e. Playing host to a variety of events both during the day and at night, the venue is, appropriately, located in a cave. The system was installed by Dynamic Productions.

However, while the 550 capacity club isn’t as unusual as it might seem – many of Edinburgh’s venues are to be found underground – its eclectic mixture of clientele does separate it from much of the competition. Boasting live gigs, DJ nights and even theatre performances during the evening, it also hosts corporate events during daylight hours, meaning its sound installation needs to be as adaptable as the cave itself.

The solution is two KV2 Audio compact, two-way, full-range EX10 cabinets which can be stored beneath the stage when they’re not being used, only to be produced again when required. Reportedly “packing quite a punch” according to KV2, the bass prominent, active-driven system comprises, per side, a single KV2 Audio ES1.0 mid/high/mid-bass module, two KV2 Audio ES 1.5 high output subwoofers supported by a further single KV2 Audio ES 1.8 reflex horn-loaded bass unit.

The system has been dubbed “amazing” by the venue’s manager, while Dynamic’s Michael McGuigan adds that it “creates a wonderfully warm sound within these bouncy walls.. The types and quantity of events the venue attracts time and again is testament in some part to the quality of the KV2 Audio sound.”

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