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Klotz Digital introduces Decennium radio on-air console

test 24 July 2007

GERMANY: Decennium is a new networkable, fully modular console from Klotz Digital said to possess first-class DSP features. Supplied pre-configured for easy installation and console set-up, the new unit – which comes complete with the Decennium audio engine to be integrated in audio and control networks – is described as “an excellent choice for medium to large radio centres and broadcast corporations” looking for standard but flexible solutions, writes David Davies.

Available in sizes of 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24 faders, the Decennium’s control surface comes with two types of surface modules – a four-fader module, and a monitor and control module – each with its own separate, ultra-flat housing.

The Decennium console is said to possess “first-class DSP features” and incorporates a ‘Multi Purpose Control Element’ (MPCE) that is integrated in each channel strip. Consisting of an endless rotary encoder with integrated push button and a 16-character display, it is used for source selection and channel-related parameter settings, enabling a better overview and a quicker access to them. MPCE, says Klotz Digital, makes the console easier to operate and offers the implementation of extra customer- or project-specific dynamic functions. It also allows each fader to act as a single mini-console without the need for a monitor and control module.

Klotz Digital’s manager corporate communications, Daniela Kroboth, tells PSN-e: “Decennium was added to the Klotz Digital product range to bridge the gap between AEON, which is addressed to small and medium radio stations, and the classical VADIS D.C.II customers. It is an excellent choice for medium to large radio centres and broadcast corporations looking for standard solutions, but requiring the flexibility of customisation to individual needs.”

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