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Klotz Digital AG acquired by UnitedScreens Media AG

test 9 March 2010

GERMANY: New CEO Dr. Andreas Gruettner (pictured) tells PSN-e that the deal brings "synergies" for both companies, writes David Davies. Founded in September 1999, Munich-based UnitedScreens Media AG is a prime mover in the consumer out-of-home visual display market.

Previous CEO Thomas Klotz has resigned from his position with immediate effect. His successor, Dr. Andreas Gruettner, continues to serve as CEO of United Screens Media AG and is also a member of the supervisory board of Gebrueder Rhodius GmbH & Co. KG.

"In UnitedScreens Media AG Klotz Digital [has] found a strong financial partner, providing a solid base for further market expansion," Gruettner tells PSN-e. "The acquisition holds synergies for both companies on a high level. Both companies offer products to the PA and broadcast industry. They will benefit from a crossover in product development and from each other’s customer base. Although they have the same target groups both companies manage different customers with similar needs. A cooperation under this aspect becomes a must sooner or later. But these things are still a bit further down the road. At the moment Klotz Digital has its focus on daily business."

Gruettner adds that "no drastic organisational changes [are] planned in the near-future. Sales and service in Europe will be guaranteed via our headquarters in Munich, supported by a tight partner network which we even want to strengthen." The importance of the company’s Asia Pacific business is highlighted, while there are moves afoot to "enhance" its activities in the USA.

Product-wise, the plan is "to continuously develop and strengthen" the market position of the Varizone PA product range and undertake a "sound makeover" of Klotz Digital’s radio broadcast products. In particular, notes Gruettner, "our top-seller VADIS D.C.II will see a general face-lift and renewal to maintain its pole position".


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