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Kinepolis cinema group scores QSC first

test 26 June 2007

BELGIUM: The forthcoming eight-screen Kinepolis Oostende multiplex on the Belgian north coast is to become the first site to use QSC’s BASIS 922az and 914lz network control in combination with multiples of DCA amplifiers. The new equipment – including a total of nearly 60 amps – was supplied by QSC’s local distributor and cinema specialist AED bvba, writes David Davies.

The complete “network universe” at the Oostende site has been designed around eight each of the BASIS hubs, used with 31 DCA1622s, 11 DCA1824s, three DCA3022s, six DCA1222s and eight DCA2422 two-channel amplifiers.

Operating under QSControl, the BASIS platform is said to meet the control, monitoring and processing requirements of Kinepolis’ amplification and loudspeaker systems over an Ethernet network, offering system protection and configurable DSP – all integrated within a single RU package.

Benefits of this arrangement include the ability to route 64 channels of bi-directional audio over a single Ethernet cable, with low latency and quiet operation. “On top of that,” noted Kinepolis Group’s projection and sound manager, Nicolas Hamon, “this design significantly reduces installation time, allows quicker and easier maintenance/repair, and the CobraNet cabling will experience less signal loss than traditional copper wiring.”

The infrastructure will also provide Hamon and team with the possibility of routing alternative sound sources into every screening room using the macro selection. Digital soundtracks can also be hooked up directly in the BASIS system.

Kinepolis Group – which has some 22 THX cinema complexes spread across Belgium, France, Spain, Poland and Switzerland – has been using QSC Audio’s THX-approved products since it was founded in 1997. ISA 450 and 750 Series amplifiers and DCM-3 Digital Cinema Monitors, in particular, have been widely specified at the group’s cinemas.

The new Oostende complex is scheduled to open on July 8th.


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