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Kaskade’s stadium sellout with L-Acoustics K1 system

Erica Basnicki 7 August 2012
Kaskade’s stadium sellout with L-Acoustics K1 system

American DJ/producer Kaskade sold out Los Angeles’ Staples Center in July with his 2012 Freaks of Nature Tour, using an L-Acoustics K1 stadium PA system. He is the first solo electronic dance music artist in history to not only headline, but also sell out, the venue.   California-based Rat Sound Systems provided the sound reinforcement at the arena: Left and right arrays each comprised of 16 K1 enclosures tailed with three dV-DOSC cabinets for downfill. A dozen V-DOSC per side, also featuring three dV-DOSC downfills, addressed the left and right sides of the audience, while two nine-enclosure KARA arrays covered the extreme upper left and right sections of the 220-degree seating.   “The client wanted to ensure that the PA was absolutely top-notch for this gig, and with the K1 system, they got it,” said Rat Sound’s Manny Perez, who along with Manny Barajas and crew chief Jon Monson, flew the rig. “The coverage was fantastic. Even up in the nosebleed seats, the little KARA side arrays were absolutely rocking it.”   In addition a total of 26 SB28 double-18 subs were positioned across the face of the stage, while three ARCS horizontally arrayed directly in front of center stage delivered frontfill. A pair of 115XT HiQ coaxial wedges were also positioned just behind the DJ area for stage monitoring, and the entire system was powered and processed by seven LA-RAK touring racks, each loaded with three LA8 amplified controllers.   “Kaskade’s DJ tech, who was in charge of ensuring that everything sounded good, was completely blown away when Milk (Mike Arnold, Rat Sound FOH/system engineer) took the K1 for a ride at sound check. Even Kaskade, himself, was overheard saying that it sounded badass. They totally loved it, and so did 20,000 fans!”   photo credit: Drew Ressler/

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