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K-array keeps Leona Lewis live sound consistent

Erica Basnicki 23 October 2013
K-array keeps Leona Lewis live sound consistent

K-array loudspeakers helped keep the sound consistent throughout British recording artist Leona Lewis’ recent Glassheart UK tour.   The tour’s venues ranged from regional concert halls like the Ipswich Regent and Newcastle City Hall, through the Brighton Centre and London’s Royal Albert Hall to arenas in Birmingham and Liverpool.   “The K-array system really proved its worth throughout the tour, complementing the main PA system and achieving remarkably seamless coverage,” said Lewis’s regular FOH engineer Dave Wooster (pictured). “For example, at the smaller venues like Ipswich, Nottingham and Oxford, it is so compact that we were able to keep sight lines as clear as possible while covering the maximum amount of seats.   “In contrast, at the Albert Hall we had two full KR402 systems down the front – one at stage level and one at the top of the choir stalls – and a set of four KK102 elements across the front of the stage. This configuration gave us full coverage for the required 280 degrees horizontally and the massive height requirement, right up to the standing room area in the gallery.   “The stack at the stage edge was about two metres from the nearest seat, but was still required to throw a good 15m to where the coverage transitioned into the main system. The true line array nature of the system meant that there was no complaint about the volume from the closest seat, but the furthest seat could still hear perfectly.”   Sennheiser UK complemented the tour’s audio system by supplying in-ear monitors and a 9000 Series digital wireless equipment package which comprised 10 SKM 9000 handheld microphones with MD 9235 capsules, seven SK 9000 belt packs for guitars and the show’s string quartet, plus a pair of EM 9046 receivers.

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