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JSS reduces load-out times with Cohedra

test 8 February 2006

UK: Having gained experience on a number of recent concerts with HK Audio’s Cohedra Compact line array system, York-based JSS Audio has opted to purchase a system for its own inventory.

“Size and weight of sound reinforcement systems have definitely become an issue for both us and our clients,” says JSS’s Jem Walker. “From our point of view, Cohedra Compact and a digital desk will fit in a long wheelbase van, reducing transportation costs considerably. We like them because they are compact and light. Engineers and theatre staff love them because load-out times are reduced considerably.”

“As a long-standing HK Audio user, we’re delighted that JSS has committed to the Cohedra Compact system,” says Neville Raine, pro-audio sales manager for distributor John Hornby Skewes. “JSS has built up a considerable working stock of HK systems in recent years and we’re certain their acquisition of the CoCo will allow them even greater flexibility for their upcoming schedule.”

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