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JBL and Soundcraft in concert audio first at The Globe

Erica Basnicki 22 May 2013
JBL and Soundcraft in concert audio first at The Globe

To celebrate the Bard’s birthday last month, London-based live production company ARC Sound produced a first-ever concert audio at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre on the banks of the River Thames. Since the reconstruction in wood of the original Elizabethan playhouse, a full production set up has never been allowed in the main theatre space itself.   The key sound reinforcement components chosen by ARC Sound were a JBL VerTec line source array and Soundcraft Vi series digital mixing consoles.   “This production was unique, as The Globe hasn’t allowed anything this ambitious to take place previously,” confirmed ARC Sound’s owner James Dougill. “I am certain eyebrows were raised initially when all these flight cases started appearing in a venue made entirely out of wood. But the fact we were able to achieve this without creating any noise pollution was down to the detailed pre-production planning we undertook before the event.”   Ensuring that the sound system complied with the maximum weight load of 250kg to the oak beams in the theatre’s ceiling was another issue for ARC Sound to contend with.   To that end, the company suspended two symmetrical hangs of six JBL VerTec VT4887A compact line array elements, with two pairs of JBL VT4880A subs recessed under the stage apron. Added to this were two fill clusters, each comprising three JBL VRX928LA constant curvature loudspeakers.   At front of house ARC Sound fielded its Soundcraft Vi4, while down at the stage monitor engineer Raghav Narula operated a 64-channel Soundcraft Vi1 console.   “The full range of VerTec and VRX loudspeakers we stock gives us a very broad tool set to work with, and can be consistently relied upon to deliver. Their profile was ideally suited to this application, and if the glowing comments we’ve received about the sound quality are anything to go by, we got it right,” concluded Dougill.  

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