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iZotope acquires Sonik Architects

David Davies 14 December 2010
iZotope acquires Sonik Architects

iZotope will work on a new line of music performance and audio production tools with composer/producer BT (Brian Transeau), who founded Sonik Architects.

As a result of the acquisition and BT partnership deal, Massachusetts-based iZotope plans to release products designed by BT, including Stutter Edit and BreakTweaker. Stutter Edit is said to blur the line between audio effect and instrument, enabling musicians and laptop DJs to improve intricate “stutter” effects, dynamic build-ups and fills. BreakTweaker, meanwhile, will provide new tools for synthesizing drum sounds and creating complex micro-rhythmic patterns.

iZotope will also continue the development and licensing of Sonifi, an iPhone application that allows users to create, collaborate, effect and save remixes of a song in real-time.

BT (pictured) sought out iZotope to help develop and support his product range, and said that he admired the company’s “willingness to push the boundaries of music and audio technology, and I have been using their tools for years. Collaborating with iZotope is a perfect fit. I’m excited to partner with them to bring revolutionary new tools to musicians everywhere.”

iZotope co-founder and CEO Mark Ethier added: “BT’s innovative production techniques have influenced a whole generation of music makers across every genre of music. iZotope is thrilled to collaborate with BT to launch new products born out of his need for performance and production tools that did not previously exist.”

Image Credit: Myriam Santos

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