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IOSONO and Fohhn open Europe’s largest 3D sound showroom

Erica Basnicki 8 March 2013
IOSONO and Fohhn open Europe's largest 3D sound showroom

IOSONO and loudspeaker manufacturer Fohhn have launched Europe’s largest IOSONO 3D sound showroom – the new Fohhn SoundLab – at the company’s headquarters near Stuttgart, Germany.   The new IOSONO sound system was presented to acoustic designers and system integrators at a Fohhn customer event last week.   The installation offers a spectacular listening experience and the feedback we received was highly positive,” said Jochen Schwarz, CEO at Fohhn. “The new sound lab certainly wows the eyes and ears of our visitors.”   IOSONO’s Spatial Audio Processor IPC 100 (the same used for Kraftwerk’s recent Tate Modern residency) and 46 Fohhn speakers allow for the creation of any three dimensional sound environment.   The system setup includes a ring of 24 Linea LX-100 speakers and 18 Linea LX-10 speakers mounted on the ceiling. To guarantee a seamless integration into Fohhn’s sound lab room design all speakers were specially colored in silver and not a single cable can be seen inside the lab.   “Just like IOSONO, Fohhn is striving to bring the best sound possible to premium locations,” commented Olaf Stepputat, CEO of IOSONO and attendee of the opening event.   “Our next project is already scheduled and will take us to Switzerland,” he continued. The two companies have started working on a large-scale sound installation to be realized in 2014 in the alpine country.  

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