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INYTIUM secures Adamson distribution role

test 7 July 2009

BENELUX: The company is now serving as exclusive distributor for Adamson Pro Audio in Belgium and Luxembourg, reports Hilbren Buys/PSN-e. Formerly known as Blue Square Sales and Distribution, INYTIUM is based in Belgium and has hitherto specialised in the distribution of theatre technologies. The company was spun off from the ASP Blue Squares Group in 2008.

The INYTIUM team pictured here includes Thierry Renard (far left), Ludovic van de Goor (second from left), Julien Pirsoul (seated on right) and Guillaume Canart (stood at back, fourth from left). Also visible here are DV2’s managing director, Guy Vignet (seated, left) and its chief engineer, Didier Dal Fitto (stood at back, third from left).

The appointment was made by DV2, which used to be Adamson’s European distributor until approximately two years ago when – by mutual agreement – their scope was reduced to France, Belgium and Luxembourg. Although INYTIUM now works directly with Adamson for distribution, DV2 will partner with INYTIUM for promotion and training.

Ludovic Van de Goor, who is head of sound engineering at INYTIUM, commented: "This is very exciting. So far we’ve only had exclusive distribution for light – sound is a new theatre of operation for us. We’re very glad that we can help develop the market with a solid and reputed brand."

Adam MacGillivray, Adamson’s sales manager & European liaison, tells PSN-e: "We welcome the opportunity for change and are excited to bring new distribution into our network. With the recent release of our new ‘Point Series’ contracting line we expect great things for Belgium and Luxembourg in the near-future."



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