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It’s Pro Sound Brews!

Jon Chapple 5 December 2014
It's Pro Sound Brews!

Pro Sound Brews (formerly known as the ‘Pro Audio Partypack’ until expertly renamed by deputy editor Jon) is a new photo album of booze, confectionery and other specially commissioned items by pro-audio brands, collected on the PSNEurope Facebook page.

Included so far is Calrec’s Artemis Pale Ale, Pioneer’s La Loca Juana, lots of rebadged Beck’s (pictured is Jesse Adamson with ‘Outside the Box’ Beck’s, commissioned for the company’s 30th anniversary) and a bag of Sennheiser Es (as a great philosopher once wrote: “Naughty, naughty, very naughty”). We’ll be adding to PSB whenever we spot a unique item – expect lots of photos from NAMM in January – so make sure to ‘like’ us on Facebook for updates.


Got a pro sound brew you want to see featured? Drop us a line!

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