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International concert debut for Outline’s GTO

David Davies 26 December 2010

The Outline GTO large format line array was introduced to the global live music scene recently with appearances at Denver’s Mile High Music Festival and on Peter Gabriel’s orchestrally-oriented New Blood tour (pictured).

Both Mile High Music Festival PA provider Dowlen Sound and Gabriel tour sound supplier Britannia Row are part of the early adopter pilot programme for GTO, which features a total of 10 drivers – more than any other comparable large format line array.

“Outline GTO continues to exceed our expectations,” said Eric Satre, Dowlen’s sales executive and director of the company’s operations at the Mile High festival. “The GTO has really established Outline as one of the top players in the large format line array market.”

“We have a lot experience working in the high altitude, low humidity, and high temperature conditions of the Rocky Mountains,” added Dowlen Sound president Bret Dowlen. “The GTO has output the likes of which we have never experienced before especially under these harsh conditions. We have since used the GTO multiple times at Red Rocks, large arenas and theatres with excellent results. We are very excited about the future of Outline, and we are glad to be among the early adopters and key partners in bringing the GTO to the world.”

Another US company, Special Event Services of Winstom-Salem, has also recently assembled its GTO rig and is ready to begin deploying it.

Providing an Outline perspective, Tom Bensen, vice-president and director of operations for Outline North America, commented on the brand’s rise in the US: “I am extremely pleased to see Outline firmly establishing itself at the top tier of this market, taking its place among well-known, established quality competitors. It is especially gratifying to see the brand flourish, despite this economic climate. I think 2011 will be the year the industry recognizes that now, it is the Italians’ turn.”

Several weeks after the Mile High festival, the Outline GTO made its European concert debut on the final leg of Peter Gabriel’s New Blood tour (pictured here visiting Arena di Verona in Italy), which sees the singer perform classic solo compositions and covers to the accompaniment of a full orchestra.

“This tour was a wonderful proving ground for the GTO,” said Bryan Grant, MD and founding partner of Britannia Row Productions. “The system faithfully reproduced the complex orchestral arrangements of Peter Gabriel’s work in a variety of venues of different sizes and configurations. Having had several years of experience already with Outline product, notably the Butterfly line array, we were confident that the Outline team would deliver a great new product, which they indeed did. We were very impressed with GTO’s performance straight out of the box.”

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