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Institute of Spatial Sound opens in Budapest on Friday 16 October

Jon Chapple 14 October 2015
Institute of Spatial Sound, 4DSOUND, Art Quarter Budapest

The Institute of Spatial Sound, a global centre for research and development in the field of spatial and immersive sound, will open in Budapest this Friday (16 October).

The institute, backed by 4DSOUND – a Dutch cultural collective dedicated to exploring spatial audio as a medium, and their 3D audio playback technology (the ‘fourth’ dimension is time) – will be inaugurated with a two-day programme exhibiting a retrospective of works created in 4DSOUND over the past four years, including live spatial sound performances by Gabor Lazar, Marcel Wierckx and Frank Bretschneider and lectures and sound sculptures by Murcof, John Connell and Florence To, Max Cooper, Thomas Vacquie and Marco Donnarumma.

4DSOUND envisages the Institute of Spatial Sound as becoming “a centre for education, research and creative production in the field of spatial sound”. Located in Art Quarter Budapest, its facilities will include a large-scale spatial sound studio and space for up to 20 artist residencies.

The 4DSOUND technology provides a fully omnidirectional sound environment where listeners can appreciate sound in a virtually unlimited spatial continuum: Sound can move infinitely distant or intimately close to the listener, moving around, above, beneath, in between and right through them.

In August, 4DSOUND hosted 4DSOUND: Circadian, a 24-hour programme of interactive performances in the Netherlands which investigated “how spatial listening influences conscious states throughout the day and night” (see 4DSOUND: Circadian to bring 24-hour spatial sound, sonic meditation to The Hague).

Photo: 4DSOUND: Spatial Sound Exhibition on Facebook

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