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In memoriam Fred R. Beyer

test 17 June 2008

GERMANY: Long-time beyerdynamic managing director Fred R. Beyer has passed away, reports PSN-e. The widely respected managing director of beyerdynamic for more than 40 years, Beyer took the reins following his father’s death in 1959. According to beyerdynamic, Beyer will be remembered as a man “who did not bow to convention yet still maintained a strong sense of traditionalism”.

Equipment developed and manufactured under Beyer’s leadership included the first wireless microphone in 1962 and the classic DT100 headphone in 1965. Beyer also encouraged the development of offices in the UK and USA as the brand progressed to become one of the audio industry’s most celebrated.

Retiring in 2002, Beyer remained in contact with many of his long-serving employees, management, the advisory board and his co-shareholders. He died in Heilbronn on June 5th.

In the statement confirming his death, beyerdynamic said that it had lost “an important figurehead, whose philosophy and approach will remain with the company well into the future.”

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