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IBC2013: Delec unveils Oratis compact

Erica Basnicki 18 September 2013
IBC2013: Delec unveils Oratis compact

Delec, the intercom and commentary systems specialists within the Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup, introduced the Oratis compact intercom system at IBC2013 in Amsterdam.   The Delec Oratis compact series currently includes two different sized matrix frames. The smaller MF1212 provides connectivity for 12 subscriber units plus 12 additional four-wire connections. In the larger MF1624 version, you get an audio matrix with ports for 16 subscriber units and 24 four-wire connections.
The Oratis compact acts as a fully summing audio matrix to which the various Oratis series subscriber units can be connected. For this purpose, it is equipped with 12 (MF1212) or 16 (MF1624) AES/EBU ports which are connected via RJ-45 connectors and CAT5 cabling to the subscriber units or they can be used as digital four-wire connections.

Twelve or 24 additional analogue ports are used to set up analogue four-wire links. When connected in this way, the Oratis compact is a fully-fledged stand-alone system. Using a Delec connection to Gigabit Ethernet, they can also be networked with other Delec components, which enables them to be used as an extension to a large Oratis installation.

“With these two variants we already cover a large number of small-scale intercom applications. The units are suitable not only for compact TV-production installations but theatre staff will surely welcome this user-friendly and well-priced solution,” said Delec sales engineer Jürgen Malleck (pictured, centre). “However, our new range should not be regarded just as a stand-alone system. It can also be combined with our modular Oratis series and used, for example, as an extension unit to a large Oratis system!”   The Oratis compact can also be equipped with an optional Audinate Brooklyn module, which provides additional connectivity options using Dante. This opens up a large range of possibilities for other applications, such as IP-based integration into large audio networks.   “Versatility is a clear advantage of our new Oratis compact,” concluded Malleck. “It serves both as an introductory product for straightforward installations and as a remote interface node within a campus-wide system – including the option of IP networking.”  

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