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IAG to manufacture/distribute SurgeX products

test 16 June 2009

US: International Audio Group (IAG) is the parent company of brands including Wharfdale and Quad, writes David Davies. As a result of the new arrangement, IAG will now manufacture and distribute SurgeX products globally, with the exception of North America, where Electronic Systems Protection Inc will continue to oversee the brand.

SurgeX manufactures AC power conditioning and surge elimination products, and has the first power line surge elimination technology to be Certified A-1-1.

Looking to the future of SurgeX, IAG managing director Daniel Chang (pictured here, left, with New Frontier Electronics/SurgeX founder and senior principal Michael McCook) tells PSN-e: "Development and production of expanded SurgeX products for the global market will be swift. Along with the rapid availability of existing SurgeX form factors, such as standalone and hardwired styles, customers can expect to see network addressable sequencers and UPS units. SurgeX technology will also be brought into the custom residential market in an elegant product form. Furthermore, our IAG Yachting division will be utilising SurgeX in all of its sensitive electronic applications and specific products suited for the marine market that will be produced beginning in 2010."

Michael McCook added: "SurgeX and IAG have been working closely on expanded technology development and new products in the global marketplace for several years now and I am confident that this partnership will finally bring SurgeX’s superior technology solutions to the entire world."



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