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Holophone appoints new exclusive UK distributor

test 17 March 2009

UK: AppleWorld Distribution is the surround microphone manufacturer’s new representative in the UK, reports PSN-e. AppleWorld Distribution – the distribution arm of Planet Audio Group – is able to call on more than 300 dealers, and has been enlisted to help Holophone make its products more accessible to users in the UK.

Increasingly well-known for surround recording microphones including H2-PRO, H4 SuperMINI and PortaMic Pro, Holophone has a presence in the broadcast, feature film and studio recording markets.

A leading dealer of Apple computers and related audio and video products, AppleWorld parent company Planet Audio Group is said to have extensive experience in pro-audio sales.

AppleWorld’s vice-president, Rod Aaron (pictured here, left, with colleague Sacha Hansler), said that the company was “very excited to have been appointed exclusive UK distributor of the fantastic Holophone range, and believe 2009 is going to be the year for surround sound. We believe Holophone is nothing short of a revolution in surround sound, providing immaculate audio quality and at an incredible price point. Holophone’s ease of use removes the thinking process out of recording surround sound.”

Speaking at Winter NAMM, Holophone president and founder Michael Godfrey told PSN-e: “We have been working for the professional audio industry for many years, but we know that our products have more scope than that, and are being delivered at a price point that is much more acceptable for the prosumers and consumers out there, and our goal is to get products out there that create sound for everybody. AppleWorld has a number of different factions – some pro-video, some pro-audio – and has a deep reach into the UK territory. It will be responsible for distributing all of our products throughout the UK.”


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