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Holophone and Rycote team up to develop windscreen systems

test 4 March 2008

CANADA/UK: Holophone and Rycote have joined forces to develop windscreen systems for Holophone’s entire line of surround microphones – H2-PRO, H3-D and H4 SuperMINI (pictured). Available in both standalone fuzzy and fuzzy/windscreen pairs, the Rycote windshield systems are said to provide 10-12db extra protection for Holophone’s surround microphones over a standard windshield, writes David Davies.

The windscreen systems – which will be sold through Holophone and its dealers – are made from specially designed and manufactured screening materials, which are said to offer “virtually no adverse effect on sound level or quality”. A snug fit is ensured by the inclusion of a drawstring and toggle with all windscreens.

“User input is an important part of Holophone’s design process, so when our users were looking for additional wind protection when using Holophone mics in the field, developing a quality fur windjammer to work with our windscreens was the next logical step,” Jonathan Godfrey, CEO of Holophone, tells PSN-e. “Collaborating with Rycote on this project was an obvious choice due to their extensive industry history and reputation in the market.”

Rycote technical director Simon Davies added: “Like Holophone, we have been pioneers in the audio industry and are always looking for new and innovative means for our users to obtain superior sound. We feel the collaboration will be a successful one and hope to work with Holophone on future projects.”


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