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HME solutions for US Presidential Debates

test 7 October 2008

US: HME is exclusive wireless intercom and onsite paging solutions provider for the Presidential Debates, writes David Davies. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and running mate Joe Biden are set to take part in the debates, which run through until October 15th.

Three HME DX200 professional digital audio systems and approximately 24 belt-pacs will enable multiple-channel communication between campaign and event staff. Separate intercom systems will be configured for the Democratic and Republican Party management crews, and for the debate producer, enabling him/her to talk to either stage management group without its opposite number hearing the conversation.

The systems are being deployed by Best Audio’s Larry Estrin, working in conjunction with equipment supplier On Stage Audio. "HME’s products have always been a big help for me at these debates," said Estrin. "They offer unparalleled clarity and security for voice communications."

The Presidential Debates are by no means the only major recent events to feature HME equipment, as J. Michael Hughes, vp & general manager – pro audio division at HME, tells PSN-e: "The recent MTV Music Video Awards and the [ESPN] X-Games are worldwide events, and we’re proud to say that HME products were very well-represented at each. By choosing HME products over the other options, the producers and technical managers at these events affirmed that our intercoms are the systems that can be counted on to get the job done. These high-profile event managers cannot afford problems and glitches, and they have developed the confidence and trust to make HME the market leader in professional wireless intercoms for over 37 years."


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