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HK Audio specified for lavish new Berlin club

test 13 February 2007

GERMANY: HK Audio’s Installation Line speakers have been specified throughout Berlin’s new Bangaluu club, formerly the location of the old post office in the city centre. The sound and lighting specification at the venue – which incorporates a lounge, a dancefloor on stage and a VIP dinner club – was overseen by locally-based Atlantis Sound, whose managers have extensive experience of HK Audio products.

As a result, Atlantis Sound – which is headed up by Andreas Seeringer and Bejamin Preu_ – contacted HK Audio again for this latest assignment. All concerned ultimately resolved upon a specification built around the manufacturer’s Installation Line (IL) speakers.

The strikingly-designed dinner club, for instance, now features four IL 12.1 loudspeaker cabinets, four IL 12.2 cabinets and two IL 218 subwoofers. All in white, these units are driven by a DSM 2050 controller with VX 2400 power amps.

“The sound design for the dinner club alone took two days,” notes HK Audio’s Carsten Krause. “On the one hand, the requirements specified low but clear background music for regular restaurant operation, but on the other hand they also wanted to be able to use the entire system for conference moderation and other live applications.”

Elsewhere in the venue, the stage area features six black IL 15.2 loudspeakers and four IL 218 sub cabinets, driven by three HK Audio Digital Field Controllers with VX 2400 power amps. Additional IL 12.1 cabinets provide background coverage and monitoring for DJs.

Finally, the lounge bar – located in the foyer – is now home to eight IL 8.1 cabinets and two IL 115 subs, plus four IL 10.61 mid/high units for background reinforcement. Comments Krause of this area: “Positioning and installation of the sound system was not at all easy, but both customer and manufacturer are very satisfied with the result.”

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