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Harrison Consoles celebrates sale to major Berlin post facility

test 30 January 2007

US/GERMANY: Nashville-based manufacturer Harrison Consoles has confirmed the sale of a fully-automated MPC-4D digital film desk to InterAudio Tonstudio as part of the Berlin complex’s efforts to upgrade its main dubbing facility. Harrison is also currently working on a major new product development, reports David Davies.

The sale was made by F.E.G. Deutschland, Harrison’s exclusive distributor in Germany, and follows a full market assessment carried out by InterAudio Tonstudio. “As one of the big players in the German dubbing market, we evaluated numerous consoles for the planned expansion of our cinema mixing stage,” confirmed the studio’s chief sound engineer, Stefan Ruedel. “The MPC-4D is simply the best tool available to meet our needs as well as the needs of our clients.”

The 64-fader, 256-channel MPC-4D console incorporates the Harrison Film Surround Monitoring system, which provides PEC/Direct functions and monitoring facilities for all surround formats, including 7.1. Dual motorised joysticks provide panning flexibility for multichannel formats, while the console also features the Harrison PreView Waveform Display for every channel.

In addition, the console supplied to InterAudio Tonstudio incorporates a Harrison DTC Digital Tools Card. This is a dedicated processor that utilises Harrison’s 40-bit architecture to provide a suite of film-specific features to enhance the dubbing process.

Meanwhile, Harrison Consoles – which is particularly well-established in the film and post-production sectors – is continuing development of an Ardour-based, multi-channel digital audio dubber and recorder. The separate products are likely to be ready to go, director of sales Claude Hill tells PSN-e, in the first or second quarters of this year.

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