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Harman Pro UK launches tour sound company finance initiative

test 31 July 2007

UK: Harman Pro UK has revealed details of a new deal that will make it easier for tour sound companies to finance the direct purchase of two of its most popular high-end equipment lines – Soundcraft’s Vi-series digital consoles and JBL’s VerTec-series line array systems, reports PSN-e.

Harman Pro UK Finance allows for a variety of agreement types, dependent on the requirements of the company applying. While 0% finance is available over two years, “exceptionally low rates” are said to be on offer for longer periods. Deferred payment schemes can also be arranged for the purchase of Vi6 and/or VerTec systems – a set-up that, suggests Harman Pro UK, might suit a company with guaranteed festival work on the horizon.

“We know from experience that cashflow can be a problem for even the largest tour companies,” commented Harman Pro UK’s Gary Dent. “Things go well when you have a couple of big tours happening and then business can be quiet for a patch. That’s not very conducive to paying off a large loan, with interest, on a regular basis. But with our new finance schemes, you could defer payment for a period, or pay it off completely interest-free within a set timeframe if your cashflow situation is favourable. We think this flexibility will prove very attractive to our tour sound clients.”

As with all finance arrangements, Harman Pro UK’s 0% deals for VerTec and Vi6 or Vi4 purchases are subject to conditions and credit checks. For more information, contact Gary Dent on 01707 668222.

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