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H is for Hotting-Up at Studios de la Seine

test 9 December 2008

FRANCE: Studios de la Seine in central Paris has just opened new control and live rooms, writes Guillaume Schouker. Studio H is a new control room based around an Avid/Digidesign ICON system – featuring a D-Control surface with 32 motorised faders – along with a separate live room.

Daniel Brunetti, owner and managing director of Studios de la Seine, explains: “We needed to create a complementary full digital structure oriented towards sound-to-picture, enabling us to diversify our offer alongside Studio A, which is equipped with a 120-channel Sony Oxford OXF-R3 console, handling from multi-channel to the 7.1 surround format, and Studio F with its Digidesign Pro Control worksurface.”

The D-Control pilots a Pro Tools HD3 system within a dedicated 5.1 environment. The monitoring set-up comprises Genelec 8050A speakers (LCR) and a pair of 8040As in the rear, plus the sub. Nearfield stereo is managed by Yamaha NS-10Ms (though Digidesign RM monitors were being tested when photos of the studio were taken). Outboard equipment in the racks include 2-channel Tubetech MP1A preamps, Avalon’s VT737 preamp/compressor/EQ module and a Universal Audio 1176 stereo compressor. The ICON system features with a wide selection of plug-ins.

“The D-Control/ICON is part of the new standards which correspond to [our] demands in terms of ergonomics, reliability and productivity,” says Brunetti.

Founded more than 16 years ago, Studios de la Seine has grown to become an eight-studio facility now occupying two sites, La Seine 1 and La Seine 2, near Paris’ Bastille.

“With Studio H, we have conceived both an intimate and refined working place which combines affordable rates and quality service, [and is] faithful to our top-range professional recording facility,” states Brunetti.

The first client to use the new Studio H was artist B_nabar, for recording vocals. Other early sessions include 5.1 music-for-film mixing for Secret D_fense, which stars actor G_rard Lanvin.

Brunetti concludes: “The large diversity of control rooms offered at Studios de la Seine allows us to meet with each demand in a very high quality and highly comfortable environment. At the dawn of the year 2009, we’re looking forward to continuing the development of our music-to-picture activity.”

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