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Green website will move festival industry towards greener pastures

test 25 October 2006

EUROPE: A new music industry website has been launched to promote the importance of environmental efficiency at music festivals. With the support of Yourope – the European festivals association – and the ILMC, aims to provide information, educate event promoters and exchange ideas within the festival industry, says Greg Parmley.

The site is the brainchild of music industry lawyer Ben Challis, and has been developed with Clare O’Neill and Luke Westbury, both graduates of the Music Industry Management course at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College. It covers topics such as waste management, CO2 emissions, traffic congestion, land damage and the long-standing issue of noise pollution.

"If organisers don’t focus on noise then in most countries now there are regulatory bodies who will focus on noise for them – in the UK by using licensing legislation to restrict noise levels and/or implement curfews," Challis says. "And in Europe, promoters are also having to come to terms with noise at work regulations which may prove to be a tough hurdle for events, clubs and bars to work round."

Research on the website has included in depth interviews with fifteen UK festivals and responses from over 600 festivalgoers worldwide. Challis intends the site’s recommendations to be a source of debate and ultimately creative environmental solutions. "It’s designed to help promoters and organisers – not preach to them," he says.


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