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Great Irish October for A&H’s iLive-T

test 17 November 2009

IRELAND: Allen & Heath’s Irish distributor, Rea Sound, has reported the sale of eight iLive-T digital mixing systems during October, writes David Davies. The purchases involved various combinations of iDR-32 and i-DR48 MixRacks with iLive-T80 and iLive-T112 Control Surfaces.

The system purchasers were installation/hire company Alpha Audio (Co. Down), PA company MK Audio (Co. Derry), hire/installation firm Alan Nolan (Co. West Meath), touring band SUSST (Co. Louth), Led Zeppelin tribute band The Rubber Plants (Co. Tyrone), pro-audio retailer Reynolds of Raphoe (Co. Donegal) and installation company Decibel Audio (Co. Tipperary).

Alan Nolan (pictured here, left, with Rea Sound’s Gerry Wilkinson) now owns two of the systems. "We already have several digital consoles on our inventory, but I was so impressed by the sound quality that iLive delivers I called Rea Sound and ordered a second system immediately," he said.

Considering the overall outlook for Allen & Heath in Ireland, Rea Sound’s Roger McMullan tells PSN-e: "The new range of iLive-T products has continued the strong growth of Allen & Heath in Ireland, making the brand more widely used in theatre, live venues, churches, schools and the touring markets. Rea Sound has continued the growth of the brand throughout the island, as demonstrated in October by the great success of eight iLive systems during the month. The DJ range of Xone mixers has also become stronger with the innovative approach and software partnerships by Allen & Heath in this range."



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