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Grammy-winning engineer/mixer using JZ mics

test 13 October 2009

LATVIA/US: LA-based Rafa Sardina is using JZ’s Black Hole and BT-201 microphones in day-to-day recording, reports PSN-e. Based in Latvia, JZ Microphone was established in 2007 and is focused on the development of "innovative modern recording equipment" and studio mics.

"My studio philosophy is simple – I’m there to make sure the artist is having fun," said Sardina. "I see my work much like a photographer’s, as transparent as possible when required but always providing the creative edge to affect the song and performance in a positive way. To achieve that goal, I like to create a comfortable and inspiring environment using the best acoustics and tools available. When it comes to microphones, I keep my JZ Black Hole at the top of my mic arsenal. It is truly stunning on acoustic instruments. So clear, smooth, and versatile. A real winner in all applications!"

Taking an overview of JZ’s recent progress in the European market, marketing and customer relations spokesperson Andis Blinds tells PSN-e: "After the successful release of Black Hole and BT-201 series mics, JZ Microphones’ quality was approved by several well-known engineers and producers like Rafa Sardina (11-time Grammy winner), Derek Bramble, Dave Jerden, Steve Orchard and others, who uses JZ mics in their top projects. Also, in the last six months, the JZ distribution network has been enlarged with several new countries and there is increasing interest [in] JZ mics from day to day, especially for new models. The main key for such success is high quality and innovative products which can be suitable both for professional and home recording."

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