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Global demo tour for L-Acoustics ARCS systems

Erica Basnicki 4 October 2012
Global demo tour for L-Acoustics ARCS systems

L-Acoustics is taking its new ARCS WIDE and ARCS FOCUS systems on a global demo tour, which began in mid-September and will continue until the end of the year. In addition to highlighting Constant Curvature products, the demos will also cover L-Acoustics’ Coaxial (P and XT Series) and Variable Curvature (KARA and KIVA) systems and technologies.   Stéphane Ecalle, L-Acoustics’ director of marketing commented: “Given L-Acoustics’ reputation and rider acceptance, we believe that these two ‘plug and play’ systems will prove themselves to be a solid and enduring investment for rental and fixed installation users. ARCS WIDE and ARCS FOCUS are available in kits that are extremely scalable in both performance and pricing. In addition to providing a great offer our existing client base, we look forward to many others making the L-Acoustics dream a reality.”   “The upcoming programme of demos provides an excellent opportunity to discover L-Acoustics technologies for application problem-solving. We will demonstrate the L-Acoustics toolbox for short throw (Coaxials), mid throw (ARCS) and long throw applications with variable curvature line sources. We expect this will help attendees to understand how simple and effective our product offering is.”   European demos will take place in Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, France and Switzerland throughout October, November and into December. A full demo tour schedule is available on L-Acoustics’ website.        

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