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Genex Audio and Tonelux team up for preamp/converter package

test 30 January 2007

US: California-based Genex Audio has joined forces with Tonelux Designs to produce a microphone preamp/A-D converter package. It’s part of Genex’s longer-term bid to provide “a complete DSD solution for microphone to recorder and mixer”, writes David Davies.

Explaining the roots of the collaboration between the two companies for this project, Genex’s sales manager, Joe Bean, says that Tonelux’s Paul Woolf “has always had a reputation for making tremendous mic pres. He’s also a long-time friend, so I approached him about designing the mic pres for this package.”

The cooperation has resulted in two primary offers, the first of which – Stage Box – was scheduled for official release last week. It contains 48 mic pres and converters, with network control allowing users to oversee operations via a recorder, mix engine or IP. Use of the Genex Audio converters allows 44.1 to DSD out of the unit through MADI, Super Mac, Opto and AES outputs.

A discrete solution with eight channels is also in preparation, but is unlikely to be launched for a few months yet.

Bean, who notes that the first installation of a Stage Box will take place at the House of Blues club in Hollywood, reveals that the next significant development from Genex Audio is set to be another cooperative endeavour – this time with Sony. “Our next step is to release a DSD mix engine – a Sony/Genex collaboration,” he tells PSN-e. “We’re using Sony technology to provide DSD mixing with EQ and dynamics on all the channel paths.”


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