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Genelec and AKG at the GRAMMYs

test 3 March 2009

US: More details continue to emerge about the audio set-up at this year’s GRAMMY Awards, writes David Davies. Further to PSN-e’s previous coverage of the 51st Annual GRAMMY Awards (read here), it has been revealed that AKG microphones and Genelec monitors also played pivotal roles in the night’s proceedings.

The GRAMMY weekend began with a Neil Diamond tribute event that saw service for two AKG WMS4500 wireless systems supported by D5 microphones. At the actual GRAMMY Awards, Kanye West was among the artists to make use of an AKG inventory that included eight C414s, two D112s, five D40s, six D5s, five C430 condensers, six 518M micro series units and seven PCC170 Crown Boundary microphones.

“We are honoured to have two great ambassadors of their respective genres displaying AKG products at an event such as the GRAMMYs,” said Nick Owen, AKG’s vice-president of sales. “Neil Diamond and Kanye West showcased their talents and musical abilities in front of 19 million people and they sounded great!”

Outside Los Angeles’ Staples Center, XM Productions/Effanel Music employed Genelec 8200 Series Active DSP monitoring systems in their broadcast truck to achieve the live music mix. Specifically, Genelec 8250 and 8240 active monitors, along with the 7260 subwoofer, were used in XM Productions/Effanel Music’s L7 truck and in the Nova offline remix booth’s mirrored system.

The audio portion of the HDTV.5.1 broadcast was supervised by Phil Ramone and Hank Neuberger, while the music mixers included John Harris and Eric Schilling. Peter Gary served as engineer in charge for XM Productions/Effanel Music.

“Genelec active monitoring is the industry standard for high-end monitoring solutions, without a doubt,” said Harris, pictured here (right) with Schilling in the L7 truck. “Their performance is absolutely consistent show after show, and the sound is the most musical we’ve ever used. With the ability to adapt the surround speaker field with the DSP technology, Genelecs offer the peace of mind of knowing our monitors are exactly what we need them to be.”


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