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Genelec amplifies audio at Tripping the Light Fantastic exhibition

Murray Stassen 22 May 2014
Genelec amplifies audio at Tripping the Light Fantastic exhibition

London’s CocknBull Gallery recently hosted Tripping the Light Fantastic, a multi-sensory gallery installation by artist Rupert Newman.

Curated by Aretha Campbell, the exhibition showcased Newman’s geometric, kinetic and colourful projection artworks complemented by soundscapes created by Sarah Warne, a film and arts composer signed to Faber Music.

Sound reinforcement for the exhibition was delivered by Genelec 8040 loudspeakers, supplied by Genelec’s UK distributor Source Distribution.

Sarah Warne explains her choice of speakers: “Sound playback that I can trust is crucial to me,” she says. “I have worked with a pair of Genelecs for the past four years in a small project studio, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the quality and transparency of the monitors. For me, they also sound great when listening for pleasure.”

Andy Bensly, pro audio product specialist at Source, says: “The brief was to supply a system which was able to reproduce Sarah’s compositions accurately and complement Rupert’s artwork to create an immersive experience for visitors to the exhibition.”

“It was also important to provide a system which would be discreet, so as not to obstruct sightlines and provide coverage that was even and consistent throughout the gallery,” adds Bensley.

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