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Gearing up for British Music Week 09

test 14 July 2009

UK: Organisers have launched a new interactive social networking site in preparation, reports David Davies. The site (link below) is designed to bring musicians, labels, brand managers, music fans and other interested parties together. Would-be users can create a profile, add friends, invite fans and have direct access to a new online community.

British Music Week 2009 will take place from October 1-7 and encompass conferences, seminars, workshops, awards ceremonies and more. The event is said to enjoy attendance from a wide cross-section of industry stakeholders, including artists, managers, booking agents, concert touring companies, manufacturers, producers and recording studio operators.

Outlining the primary objectives for the new website, British Music Week marketing manager Machael Laubscher commented: "As an event directly responsible for shaping music fans, booking agents and consumers worldwide we felt that it was the best time to create a unique environment for all music lovers who attend British Music Week in their thousands annually to continually keep in touch throughout the year leading up to the event."

Meanwhile, preparations are continuing for the October event, which organisers say has considerable relevance to the pro-audio world.

Jordan Kensington, CEO of British Music Week, tells PSN-e: "British Music Week is one of the only major events that give pro-audio manufacturers, distributors, promoters and content providers a chance to meet and do business, attend product launches, conferences, exhibition stands and enjoy good music during the evening showcases with 100 bands performing across 40 venues in London."

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