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Garritan purchases Giga Technology assets from TASCAM

test 21 April 2009

US: The sale concerns technological assets relating to GigaStudio, Gigasampler, GVI, Gigapulse and all Giga products, writes David Davies. Giga has long been a popular choice for sampling applications in film, TV and gaming. The brand’s products enjoy exclusive rights to Endless Wave technology, a patented system which allows large samples to be streamed directly from the hard drive with low latency.

Garritan says that it will reveal its plans for the newly acquired assets "in the coming months".

Derek Davis, EVP/COO of TASCAM parent company TEAC America commented: "After reviewing over 20 companies, we believe that Garritan is the best candidate to carry on development of the Giga platform. Garritan has demonstrated a sincere interest in building on the present Giga technology and taking it to the next level."

Garritan Corporation CEO Gary Garritan (pictured) tells PSN-e: "Giga started the sampling revolution. The Giga technology brings innovative features that no other sampler has. We’re going to do some good things with the technology and move it forward to the next level."


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