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FX Rentals unveils studio spaces

test 9 December 2008

UK: FX Rentals has opened two ‘bespoke’ recording/mixing rooms located in London, writes David Davies. The FX YourSpace rooms are said to be suitable for recording, mixing, post-production, overdubbing, voice-overs and auditions.

In other news, a previously unheard 30-minute tape of a Beatles recording session recently passed through the group’s analogue and digital audio copy, transfer and restoration facility, FX Copyroom.

The FX YourSpace rooms – situated at FX Rentals’ HQ in London – are available from 10am to 10pm seven days a week, with three-hour session periods priced at _15 per hour; a 12-hour day is _135. A 75% discount is also available for rental equipment.

One of the first clients to make use of FX YourSpace was music production company weeksweeksweeks, whose general approach is to record certain elements at home before transferring to larger workspaces.

“YourSpace is an attractive, affordable alternative for people who don’t have their own serious studio environment,” said Dan Weeks. “The rooms are simple, acoustically treated, nicely decorated and well-organised. We brought a MacBook, Pro Tools, mics and some preamps, and were set up in 30 minutes. We were doing some album overdubs and the artists was completely satisfied with the results and the space, which is also very suitable for presenting our music to clients.”

FX Rentals’ chairman, Roger Evan, commented: “We wanted to create a high-spec space, but we didn’t want the design to dictate the use. We’ve already had clients with a variety of projects for which the rooms have been ideal: mixing, tracking, rehearsals and composition. The added bonus of a huge range of equipment available to rent into the rooms has been very successful.”

In other recent FX Group news, a previously unheard Beatles recording session tape recently passed through the FX Copyroom. The reel-to-reel recording was purchased by Premier Muzik Int Corp in Canada at a UK auction earlier this year, and contains conversations between Lennon and McCartney surrounding the recording of ‘I’ll Follow the Sun’, a highpoint of 1964’s Beatles For Sale.

FX Copyroom’s Kevin Vanbergen was given the responsibility of producing a digital copy for Premier Muzik’s Gino Olivieri. “After close inspection, we found that the quater-inch tape was in surprisingly good condition and didn’t need baking,” said Vanbergen. “We made a 24-bit 192 kHz digital copy for Gino, ensuring that this material won’t be lost again.”

FX Rentals and FX Copyroom are part of the FX Group, which also includes FX Sales, FX Live Events and Drumhire.

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