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Furman Sound releases new power conditioners for European market

test 19 June 2007

US: Fresh from Furman Sound and directed towards the European market are the new IT-Reference 16E and SPR-16E power management products. Set to debut at CEDIA Expo 2007 in London later this month and incorporating the letter ‘i’ at the end of each model number to differentiate them from the original series, the new units represent a bid “to provide a comprehensive range of AC power management solutions for high-end home theatres”, reports David Davies.

The designs of both products feature smooth contours of black steel and silver brushed aluminium, complemented by clear blue LED lights. Features of the IT-Reference 16E i power conditioner include Discrete Symmetrical Power to cancel hum-inducing noise from audio and video; Power Factory Technology to provide current on demand for power-starved amplifiers; and three discrete dual-screen power banks, intended to eliminate intercomponent interference and noise.

The SPR-16E i power voltage regulator (pictured), meanwhile, provides an “ultra-stable” 230 VAC supply from excessively low or high AC voltage sources. It is outfitted with Furman’s own Series Multi-Stage Protection Plus (SMP+) technology, which combines a trio of filtering and protection circuits. Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT) suppresses noise dramatically and consistently across the entire audio/video frequency range; Series Multi-Stage Protection (SMP) clamps and dissipates damaging transient voltages at the highest degree available without sacrificing itself; and Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS) circuitry protects against prolonged overvoltages by shutting off the incoming power until the overvoltage condition is corrected.

“Through the introduction of the new Reference i-series products, Furman aims to provide a comprehensive range of AC power management solutions for high-end home theaters,” Furman marketing manager John Benz tells PSN-e, “AC power is the lifeblood of any electronic system, and all of the new i-series units provide pure, safe power through the use of linear filtering to reduce unwanted line noise, as well as non-sacrificial surge and spike protection. Additionally, the IT-Reference 16E i can break ground loops through proprietary Discrete Symmetrical Balanced Power technology, and the SPR-16E i voltage regulator provides an ultra-stable supply of 230 volts ensuring that equipment is always protected from excessively low or high voltages.”

Following their launch at CEDIA Expo – to be held at London’s Excel Centre between June 25th and 28th – the new products will begin shipping in July.


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