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French broadcaster upgrades with Studer

test 18 August 2009

FRANCE: France 24 has purchased three Studer Vista 5 consoles, all of which have been installed over the past two months, reports PSN-e. Providing international news and current affairs coverage, the station was launched in December 2006 and now broadcasts 24 hours a day in French and English, and ten hours a day in Arabic. Spanish is to be added shortly.

With the complexity of multiple translations making operation more and more difficult, France 24 elected to replace its three on-air consoles with Vista 5s, placing the order through Studer’s French distributor, Audiopole.

The new desks – which have been installed in the three identical on-air studios – are identically-equipped with 12 mic inputs, 32 analogue line inputs, 40 analogue line outputs and 32 AES in/out. The analogue line inputs are used for telephone lines coming from a Studer Call Management System (CMS) and translation booths. The AES I/Os are used for links to the video servers.

Noting that the new consoles will allow France 24 to work with 32 simultaneous sources instead of the 24 it was capable of before, the station’s chief engineer for the project, Olivier Tournedouet, described the Studer Vista 5 as "easy to operate, more flexible [than the previous desks] and the ergonomics are perfectly suited to our work. It also demonstrates very good audio quality and has clearly been designed for broadcast applications."

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