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Franz Ferdinand producer buys custom Dynaudio Acoustics monitors

test 28 April 2009

UK: The latest additions to Dan Carey’s studio were installed by London-based Munro Acoustics, writes David Davies. The company also designed the studio for Carey (pictured), who counts Franz Ferdinand, Lily Allen, Hot Chip, Emiliana Torrini and Roisin Murphy among his numerous production, songwriting, mixing, remixing and/or performing credits.

The system installed at Carey’s studio features a pair of Dynaudio Acoustics C3A monitors, custom-built by Munro with Dynaudio Acoustics T1000 amplifiers and stands.

"The Dynaudios are amazingly easy to listen to all day long," said Carey (pictured), whose latest projects to reach fruition include Tonight: Franz Ferdinand and a dub version of the same album, Blood, which is due for release in June. "They are so clear at low volumes that I don’t need to turn the volume up to hear details. I love them for that. [Also] they appear to have an almost three dimensional sound to them. It seems to give me a lot of extra headroom so it’s very easy to place things in the mix."

Contemplating the wider trend for personal professional studios, Munro Acoustics director Andy Munro tells PSN-e that "digital technology and high inner city overheads have combined to make a lot of creative people want to move their home and work into a ‘nice place in the country’. The best home studios are invariably built in barns where height is advantageous. For those who prefer urban synergy there are still industrial and commercial buildings to be had at reasonable rents and that are suitable for sound proofing."

Munro reveals that, in addition to Carey’s studio, the company has also recently undertaken work on behalf of U2, Rollo (from Faithless), The Guillemots, Massive Attack, Damon Albarn and Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack composer A.R. Rahman.


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