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Focusrite lays down the gauntlet with the Liquid Mix Challenge

test 11 December 2007

UK: If you think you would be able to tell the difference between a sample processed through original vintage or classic hardware, and one put through a Liquid Mix emulation of the same unit, then you might want to consider having a go at the Liquid Mix Challenge. The new competition – devised by Liquid Mix developer Focusrite and scheduled to conclude on January 15th – offers the chance to win a new LIQUID4PRE (pictured), writes David Davies.

The challenge involves a total of 10 different excerpts, each featuring a dry sample followed by two processed samples (A and B). One of these is processed through the original vintage or classic hardware, the other through a Liquid Mix emulation. In each case, the user must decided which sample has been processed through the Liquid Mix, as well as decide which sample he/she likes the most. The individual’s score is displayed at the end of the test, alongside an aggregate of the world’s scores to date. Full details can be found through the first link below.

Launched at the 123rd AES show in New York earlier this year, the LIQUID4PRE four-channel microphone amplifier utilises The Liquid Channel’s Liquid technology, combining a flexible analogue front end with dynamic convolution DSP to deliver the sounds of 40 vintage and classic microphone preamplifiers across all four channels. The device is augmented by fully digital controls and remote software control over Ethernet.


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