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Focusrite issues V2.0 Liquid Mix

test 24 July 2007

UK: Expanded latency options and enhanced interaction between software and hardware are among the features of the new version 2.0 software of Focusrite’s multi-channel DSP-based EQ and compression tool, Liquid Mix. The latest incarnation is available as a free download from the company’s website, writes David Davies.

Specific improvements include the implementation of a side-chain facility, allowing for de-essing or other frequency-selective compression. Pressing the ‘side-chain’ button in any of the 32 instances of Liquid Mix activates an eight EQ band, which appears on the EQ graph within the software window and can be selected as low-, high- or band-pass, alongside frequency, gain and Q settings. This side-chain band can be monitored separately and then sent to the compressor with the touch of a button.

Liquid Mix V2.0 also ensures that the hardware can now follow (as a default setting) whichever instance of the Liquid Mix plug-in is active on the screen, and delivers the ability to adjust latency settings. This potentially enables Liquid Mix to be used a tracking processor, and facilitates the setting of minimum latency from one of six options, spanning 264 to 8200 samples and ensuring operation with those DAWs that only offer fixed buffer sizes above 2056 samples (such as Bias Peak, Steinberg WaveLab, Adobe Audition, Sony Sound Forge, Vegas and ACID).

“For the customer, improved stability and vastly reduced latency performance have to be the most exciting improvements,” Focusrite’s Giles Orford tells PSN-e. “With latency up to 75% reduced, Liquid Mix can potentially now be used for tracking, which really opens up its flexibility as a signal processing tool.

“That Liquid Mix can now be used with a number of new platforms – thanks to its variable latency settings – also opens it up to a new audience, all helping to drive the Liquid revolution forward, empowering the project studio masses to deliver truly professional mixes, without breaking the bank.”

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