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Focusrite celebrates 25 years under Dudderidge

Murray Stassen 4 April 2014
Focusrite celebrates 25 years under Dudderidge

Focusrite Audio Engineering, renowned for its mic preamps, EQ/dynamics, audio interfaces and networked audio devices marks 25 years under the leadership of CEO Phil Dudderidge this year.

Dudderidge took on Rupert Neve’s Focusrite company in 1989 and has since nurtured the business into becoming a household name amongst audio professionals.

To celebrate this milestone, Focusrite staff were treated to a day out in rural Oxfordshire.

Two London Transport Routemaster buses were used to take the Focusrite employees from their offices in High Wycombe to the celebratory lunch. One of the buses is owned and maintained by Dudderidge.

An “iced-A One,” a cake version of one of Focusrite’s flagship preamps was presented to Dudderidge at the event, with the CEO declaring: “here’s to the next 25 years!”

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