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Flare launches Space Technology mission

Dave Robinson 3 December 2012
Flare launches Space Technology mission

Flare Audio, the south coast-based manufacturer of PA loudspeaker systems, is set to launch its first ‘Space Technology’ product later this month. The “groundbreaking” technology, claims Flare, “will open up a new frontier in sound experience for audio professionals through to home consumers”.
Company founder Davis Roberts says his patent-pending design prevents resonance or internal reflections being created in the speaker enclosure, removing destructive rear-reflected sound wave effects and resulting in “pure sound, audible exactly as the artist intended”. There is no digital signal processing implementation in the design, Roberts disclosed – though he remained tight-lipped regarding other key elements of the technology.

The first product, Space S1, launches this month: despite Flare’s wider experience in the PA market over the last two years, the S1 is a reference speaker targeted to recording studio and DJ markets. Roberts says Space Technology can be scaled to every level, from home hi-fi up to touring PA spec.

Made from solid block aerospace aluminium, measuring 200mm x 320mm x 130mm and weighing 10kg, Space S1 features a rotatable HF waveguide, multiple dispersion options, neodymium drivers (from Faital and Beyma), 125Hz-32Hz frequency response and 6.5-inch 125W/1-inch 50W bi-amped power handling. While producer Chris Kimsey (Duran Duran, Rolling Stones) says the speakers are “really quite amazing”, Roberts also claims that other trusted names in the pro-audio and recording industries have also been suitably wowed by the S1’s output.

Space products are based on the principle of Waveform Integrity (Wi), a White Paper for which is available on the company’s website.

Future launches encompassing Space Technology planned for 2013 include Space X5, “a live music product with unsurpassed noise control and unmatched size/power ratio”.

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