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Five-year warranty for Yamaha’s DSR Series

David Davies 23 December 2010

Yamaha Pro Audio recently announced that the new DSR series of active powered PA speakers will now ship with a five-year warranty.

The announcement – coinciding with the first shipments of the DSR series within Europe – acknowledges that these speakers will be used in the most demanding performance and installation environments.

The DSR series speakers consist of a 12”, 15”, dual 15” and 18” subwoofer. Using 48-bit internal digital processing these PA speakers are enhanced by the D-Contour system to ensure smooth sonic characteristics throughout the volume curve and FIR filtering for complete phase accuracy. The new Class D amplifiers deliver up to 1300 Watts but the speakers can deliver 138dB SPL.

Peter Peck, marketing manager at Yamaha Music Euorpe (UK), commented: “The 5 year warranty is often used on our Commercial Audio products, but this is the first time we have offered this extra peace of mind for an MI Pro Audio product. We have done intensive testing to ensure maximum product reliability and we know that this extended warranty will be really appreciated by our professional users.”

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