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First album recorded entirely on Yamaha’s Tenori-on now available

test 26 November 2007

UK: Norman Fairbanks, described by Yamaha as an “audio conceptualist”, has recorded the first album to be produced entirely on the company’s innovative new musical instrument, Tenori-on. The resulting collection, 7 Days Microsleep, is billed as a set of “beautiful down-tempo soundscapes that showcase the depth and complexity that lives within Tenori-on”, writes David Davies.

The result of a collaboration between Yamaha and esteemed Japanese media artist Toshio Iwai, the Tenori-on was showcased to UK audiences at events in Manchester and London earlier this year (read more here). Norman Fairbanks had first heard about the new-generation MI in 2005 and was intrigued by the possibility of its more intuitive approach, having not bought a hardware synth for nigh-on a decade.

“All the ‘regular’ interfaces that come with a single knob and a few sliders – they simply don’t fit the way I work,” observed Fairbanks. “But Tenori-on is exactly the opposite. The design is well thought-out, making it very straightforward to use – everything is always right at your fingertips. Essentially anyone can start to create complex sound structures immediately, and without any formal music training.”

Peter Peck, marketing manager music production at Yamaha Music UK, tells PSN-e: “We are delighted that artists such as Norman have embraced Tenori-on and have found ways to create fresh compositions with this unique musical instrument. What Norman has done is a great demonstration of the instrument’s versatility and it’s fascinating to hear the different rhythms and timbres that can be produced.

“As part of the ‘enjoyment’ of Tenori-on music is understanding its composition structure, Norman has kindly released one of the tracks as a Tenori-on native file so that other Tenori-on owners can appreciate the intricacies_ It’s going to be fascinating to see how other artists and performers use Tenori-on in the future.”

The native file can be found on the Tenori-on website, while the full album can be downloaded for free from Fairbanks’ own site (links below).


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