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Festival frenzy for DAS’ Aero

test 3 June 2008

ARGENTINA: A DAS Aero system was deployed at the National Grape Harvest Festival, writes PSN-e. Held in and around the Frank Romero Day Theater in Mendoza, Argentina, the event incorporated a spectacular show encompassing live music, dance and the crowning of the festival queen. Sound reinforcement for this event was provided by locally-based Merino Producciones T_cnicas.

The sound system supplied by the company and overseen by sound engineer Carlos Merino consisted of 32 Aero 38 powered line array systems, with 16 units flown per side, four of which were used for down-fill. These were used in conjunction with 16 Aero 28A systems (for out-fill), a total of 24 Aero 218 Subs and, for front-fill coverage of the initial rows, eight 38As. The system was overseen by two Yamaha M7CL digital consoles, with PA system levels controlled by Dolby Lake 41 processors.

Monitoring-wise, the event made use of six SML-12 and six SML-15 enclosures from the Stage Monitor series, with control provided by another M7CL desk.

“The systems performed incredibly well – they were stable and distortion-free,” said Carlos Merino. “I must mention [engineer] Emiliano Abraham’s work with the console because it was crucial in maintaining the dynamic range of the instruments throughout the entire show, obtaining fantastic nuances that made my work stand out.”

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